Topic: Body needed for MSR

Hi folks,

I'm going to be missing my two hot shoes for MSR in November (and I use the term ironically, we are a B class car that runs slower than half the C class cars) and need someone with a pulse to sign on to my team. The car is a 1979 Oldsmobile 98 and has raced in Lemons and other disciplines many times. It is large and it is purple. It will pass tech and take the Saturday green flag - after that it rather depends on keeping the tach needle out of the electrical tape - will explain. The car is actually pretty well laid out with many spares but few team mates. My team historically has been me, the car, a U-haul rig, and five friends A&D'ing from as far away as Quebec. This year I have one A&D chum from Michigan coming in, so I need help.

Your end of the bargain includes:
* $600 race fee paid to me in cash at the end of the race; less:
     - The cost of any gas you buy
     - The cost of any parts you buy
* Signing up in time before the freeze and:
     - Having your own race gear
     - Having your own Lemons license
* Bringing your own beverages if you don't drink IPAs or Guinness - hot track water and Gatorade are provided - don't need you conking out if the Global Warming is still active
* Chipping in for food runs
* Arranging your own travel and accommodation - I have a tent you can borrow if needed - no extra charge!
* Not being adverse to making food, fuel, or parts runs - directions provided
* If you save our collective butts because you can wrench and get us back on track there is an additional discount

We're not going to win anything, but it's a lot of fun running the car - the fuel cell can be refilled in under a minute which makes you feel like a NASCAR or F1 team person alone, then of course you're out on the track in a Hellasweet big purple Olds and have fun with that lol

Aside from that, piece of cake, right? :-)

Please feel free to email via the link on the left, or text to five1to-sixfive6-to7fiveNine


#98 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight - Class A car in the hands of a Class D team - MSR Houston IOE!