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Topic: Driver looking for seat at NJMP

I am looking for a R&D for NJMP. 
I have all safety gear including suit, shoes, HANS, etc.


  • 2 Lemons races (2015 & 2016 @ NJMP), 1 4cyl BMW 3series & 1 6cyl BMW 5series

  • 15+ track days with my Mustang over 10yr period

  • 16 laps of Nurburgring (5 laps with professional driver coaching) - low 9min lap in Suzuki Swift

  • ~10 Autocross

Videos of my driving:


  • Good at staying within my driving limits as well as car, and finding that edge to stay at

  • Good wrench, can bring tools and some supplies

  • Have had best lap time of team or close to top

  • Not out to prove anything, will listen to feedback, try to learn something on every lap

Can't wait for this year!  Please reach out if you need a driver please let me know!

You can reach me through the email link in my profile! smile