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Topic: Automotive Engineer/Driver looking for a team in Detroit Metro


I work as an automotive engineer in Detroit metro area and I always been fascinated with car racing.
I participated in something called Formula SAE  for several years (college built prototypes racecars)
My everyday job is to develop new engines for the big three sisters.

I am looking for a group of people to join in this adventure. A team able to have a good time, while having a good focus on the performance.
I am free to work on the car a couple of days a week, or whenever is necessary.

What I know to do:

- disassembling and reassembling anything about a car (I have my own tools if necessary)
- able to diagnose basic engine problems
- machining, fabricating, welding, soldering, painting.. you name it!
- fix electronics
- beginner race driver, lots to learn on that

looking forward to join this big family

Re: Automotive Engineer/Driver looking for a team in Detroit Metro

If you're willing to come down to Indiana, I could use help figuring out why I can't build an engine that won't blow up (probably mostly just me being stupid). Otherwise, there are a few other teams in the area: product design and their subsidiary skypasiv are both great teams to hang out with. There are a few other that are listed on the team map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mi … 83&z=9).