Topic: Free - One First Gen Rival 205/50/15 - almost new - SF

As the title says...

I have just the one - free to a bad home - you pick up in SF. Date code says made in February 2014. Very few miles on it.

Backstory - about three years ago I had just put the Rivals on my track day Miata. I was driving in the mountains with some friends and clipped a culvert at an apex. A few weeks later a friend noticed, on the inside of tire, a chunk of tire missing on the rim protector and a small bend in the rim. This was in my pre-Lemons days and my response was "oh my stars" and I replaced both the tire and wheel.

Being a 10X Lemons loser now, I look at it all and say it's "good enough."

But I don't want the Rival because I didn't like them on track. On the other hand, the first gen Rivals felt good to me on the Delinquent Racing Skunk. Go figure.

Anyway, backstory = free tire. Email me.

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