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Topic: CRX race almost race ready

A friend and I bought this car to start a team and he got transferred from Savannah to Detroit the next month - We have decided to sell it -


CRX race car - was a successful roundy-round car ..... in the Macon area ....   We bought some Acura Integra parts to make it turn Left and RIGHT.   and brake.


We installed them     But that's as far as we got before he left -     Motor was built up for a race season right before we got it and it has only run for about 30 mins.


Will sell with or without the trailer - Will NOT sell trailer without the car... Last time we went to start it - the fuel pump was not clicking on - so we bought a new fuel pump - still in the box and come with the car -


Has 8 of these steel wheels - 4 brand new in boxes...     


Asking $4450 for both car and trailer ----- $3600 for just the car    call or Text Scott   at  912-210-0175