Topic: Looking for central NJ team. Form a team

Hi crazy people!  For some insane reason I am looking for seat in someone else's deathtrap. I am located in old bridge NJ and looking to drive in races in the northeast/mid Atlantic areas.  I prefer a team closer to me for long term drive.
I am experienced but slow Spec E30 racer with NASA/SCCA licenses.  I have about 9 Lemons races under my belt with the Flying Scotsman team in San Francisco but I am back on the East Coast now.  I am not the fastest, but  I am reasonably consistent and try to make sure the car will make it to the next driver.
Wrenching ability: mediocre: When I put things back together there are rarely important looking parts left over. I am slightly better with BMWs than other brands.  I do have a Ford f-150 that can tow light cars and haul crap when needed. 
Willing to wrench on cars and putter around the garage when needed, but have a ball-n-chain and a new baby limits my free time. 

I am not opposed to building my own deathtrap team gaggle with the right commitment from fellow crazy people that live near me.
feel free to text me 650-549-4044