Topic: North Carolina fabricator / wrencher looking for adoption

Do you have a somewhat warm shop? Are you in the middle of a build and need a cage and Chassis guy? Do you have free beer?

It's off season for the drag guys, so I'm faced with a cold winter of miserable race fabrication. My areas of expertise are cage and Chassis, welding, sketchy Circle Track and drag parts, putting cool things together, and making things work for cheap.

I work in a drag race fabrication shop, doing everything from chrome moly promod cages to street rods. I can weld anything from titanium to Rusty cowshit encrusted cast iron, but especially tube fab. I can wrench on just about anything in the shop except for automatic transmissions. Those things scare the shit out of me. I have access to machine shops, plasma tables, tube benders, any sort of equipment that you want.

The closest race to me is Carolina Motorsports Park, I live near Winston-Salem North Carolina.

I think there's a team down towards Raleigh, anybody else?

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

Re: North Carolina fabricator / wrencher looking for adoption

GTAW ftw!