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Hello Lemons friends,
I’ve been a long time lurker, and can often be found at the California races wandering around with a camera and a gigantic lens.  Anyway, I’d hoped to get a team together with some of my friends, but things didn’t pan out.  I do however, have a car that should find a good home with a team.

I’m selling my 1998 VW GTI.  I like this goofy car, but its at my house in Kansas and some jackwagon neighbor decided its unsightly in my driveway.  A pox on his house.

The good:
- Engine runs good
- 5-speed transmission shifts ok
- Car drives fine
- All electrical systems work
- All gauges work
- Odometer reads true: 162k miles
- Heater and blower work
- Airbags/ABS checked out OK in VAGCOM
- Manual windows
- Its yellow!
- Nice VW wheels
- 2 door
- Smoked taillights
- Includes original key with remote

The bad:
- Reverse is flaky
- Possible clutch issues (its not slipping though)
- Half the vacuum hoses are gone
- Has issues starting when ambient temperature is cold (probably due to half the vacuum hoses being gone)
- Driver door lock cylinder fell out
- Rear wiper broken off
- Rust spot on drivers door
- Left headlight got hit and is now misaligned in its housing (but the glass didn’t break and the light still works)
- Windshield is cracked
- Bad O2 sensor
- Check Engine light is inoperative

The ugly
- During storm season in the midwest last year some rain managed to seep in and the interior got a bit moldy.

Volkswagen built a bunch of 1998 GTIs like this out of leftover parts from the Mk III Drivers Edition GTI that they made in 1997.  Its Ginster Yellow with a yellow and black dashboard, silver front-lit gauges, and a golf ball shifter.  The ignition has been modified to a pushbutton start system.  The car is located in Olathe, Kansas and needs a new home.  I have a clean Kansas title for it and the car is currently registered.   I even have a brand new VW remote that needs programming and black vinyl front bra I’ll give the lucky buyer. Come and get it so you can have a super awesome yellow hatchback on the track!

$450/obo, possible trades for camera or ham radio gear.


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Which motor?

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Re: 1998 Volkswagen GTI - $450/obo - Olathe, KS

It has the ABA 2.0 4-cylinder.

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Do you still have this.  we are looking for something and one of our guys is in Olathe.

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Yes, its still in my driveway.