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Topic: Looking to Arrive and Drive for Joliet April 2018

Hi all,

I am looking to arrive and drive for the April 2018 Joliet race.  I will already have a license and gear.  I raced as an "arrive and drive" at the rain-soaked Gingerman race October 2017.   I kept the car on the track, had no incidents or black flags.  I am very serious about taking care of your car.  I am probably not the right driver if you are planning to try to crack the top-5.  I am the right driver if you want to run consistently, not break the car, and not make mistakes.

I have a lifetime of playing with dirt bikes, street bikes, ATVs and now a couple of hours of Lemons racing experience.  I can drive a stick shift or automatic, and front or real wheel drive.  Fun is more important than winning.

I am happy to pay my share of the registration fee and consumables like fuel, tires, brakes, etc.

Please let me know - my email is drchuck@gmail.com

Charles Severance

Re: Looking to Arrive and Drive for Joliet April 2018

PM sent.

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