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Looking to form a team in SC, 2 wrench-able drivers looking for more team mates to have some fun at Carolina Motor Park and ATL.

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do you have more info. im located an hour from road atlanta. don't have a budget. i don't have any experience racing exxcept for on a sim. and i can google stuff and hand tools as my experience in mechaniching. let me know what you have in mind. i don't mind to be a driver. i can just be a crew member/cheerleader/beer hander/brake pad changer/food getter/anything else i can think of.

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Can't help you with finding teammates (we are fishing in the same pond), but if you have questions, or want to crawl around some existing Lemons cars, let me know.

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Which CMP and ATL dates are you trying to meet?  And how many people are you looking for?  Finally, what kind of financial commitment do you seek?