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Topic: Want a driver and wrench or 2 Tampa Bay, FL area? I bring good bourbon

Looking to join a team preferably near the Tampa Bay to wrench and drive.
Experience: I have been doing all work on my cars for 20 years which include a 1955 Ford Thunderbird 292 y-block, a 1999 Trans Am with a built LS-1 and drag racing auto transmission, a 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero with the 2.8L B284 6 cylinder turbo and a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg with the 2.0 TSI turban from an Audi A4.

So I can do everything as a wrench short of a full tranny rebuild, machine work, and I’m rusty as a welder though I learned stick welding a while back. I’m also good at making old s£!t run and come back to life especially if carbureted.

I have drag races but never endurance’s raced a vehicle. But I have run long distance rallies in my classic like long hauling the Hot Rod Power Tour which is almost like a Lemons race in that you end up rebuilding the car as you go.

Additional Skills: And I’m also a lawyer so I can handle all the necessary bills of sale, affidavits and releases necessary to document and prove the value of the car, parts sold and purchased, etc.

Perks: I run a Whiskey Society and never show up without great booze. I have an ugly drum smoker so if we can drag it to the race I can bbq enough for us or up to 40-60 pounds per day of smoked meats which should keep everyone in the paddock happy. Either might also make a good judges bribe too!

I’d live to be your new team member. Thanks.
Email me at:
Or post here.

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Re: Want a driver and wrench or 2 Tampa Bay, FL area? I bring good bourbon

And I read all the rules and tech requirements. So there is that.