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Whale Wars Racing is looking for an experienced Lemon to round out the team for Sonoma. We race a super boring e36 that has finished as high as 9th overall. This will be our first race on a new rebuilt motor since we blew ours up last year. We're hopeful that everything works okay but you never know... it's Lemons. Other than the new motor the car is well sorted. We're laid-back guys but we do take things seriously, focusing on preparation, consistency and quick pitstops. We will only have four drivers so as long as the car is behaving you'll get plenty of seat time.

We're not looking for the fastest racer on track, just an easy-going driver who "gets" Lemons and all that comes with it. The driver fee is $700 which covers everything except your Lemons license, food and hotel. We have a garage spot, so you can throw down a sleeping bag in the race car if you want to.

Send me a message if you're interested!


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I am interested in Sonoma if a seat is still available.  (509) 499-0099. Dave

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HI. I'm also interested. My name is Jen and I have previously raced with Jesse in the 808 mini-truck. 415-992-1739

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Hi Dave and Jen. Thanks for your interest! We just got commitment from a fourth driver this weekend. See you at a race soon I hope!

- John

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I know this is a day late and a lemon short, but if your looking for a driver, monkey boy or photographer, for the next west coast event look no further. - Kurt