Topic: 15X7 Team Dynamics wheels, 5X100 35mm offset w/ tires, $400 Oakland CA

A set of four 15X7 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels, custom drilled from blanks
to 5X100 bolt pattern. 35mm offset. Excellent fitment for a Fiero, but the pattern
fits Subaru, VW/Audi, some Toyota, and a whole bunch of GM crap.

Color is "Anthracite", which looks a lot like brake dust. Wheels were custom
drilled, so there is no powdercoat in the lug pockets. I hit them with a black
Sharpie. And, you know, brake dust.

Tires are 205-60R15 BFG G-force Sport (25% left maybe?) and 225-60R15 BFG Radial
TA (tons of life left).

These are the same wheels (except for the hole pattern) that are common in Spec
Miata, so they should weigh in at just over 13 pounds.

No curb rash, no other damage.

$400. (Fiero not included. You're welcome.)