41 y/o wm seeking a seat in a beautiful, semi-attractive, or even an ugly car with a good personality for The Ridge in July.  I'm 5'8" and 180 pounds, so I will fit into most anything.  I have no Lemons experience, but have been driving stock cars for years, some drag racing experience, and am a driving instructor. I have no road course racing experience but I teach driving theory and instruct on a road course. I can drive my ass off! And I have experience with everything from 4 cylinders to 800 plus horse monsters. If you have something with more horsepower than that I might wear out your tires!  I run consistent laps, I take care of equipment, and I wont run into anything on purpose.  Oh, and I hate being yelled at.  So I will attempt to avoid coming to the pits for any "discussions."
     I will be coming over from Spokane on Thursday July 26th, and we will be camping at the track.  I can change tires, put fuel in the car, and help change an engine, but I will probably grumble if we are changing engines at the track.  But I will try to grumble quietly.  I am also bringing my wife who can help with anything that doesn't get dirt under her fancy fingernails or on her purse and shoes. 
     Out current beer of choice is Bud Orange.  I know, I know, but they are delicious, especially on a hot day, and you can drink like 28 of them before you feel it.  I can tell jokes also, but some are not funny, and some are really inappropriate.  My wife isn't very funny until she has a couple of beers and then she says some hilarious stuff. 
     We are hoping to find a cool team to hang out with for the weekend, preferably with a car I can help drive, and with hope one that lasts the whole weekend, but I know shit happens sometimes.  So I am not going to whine and bitch about getting my money back if something goes wrong.  And yes, I am more than willing to pay my share for the honor to be a co-pilot. Oh, almost forgot.  I have a whole new set of gear so I will arrive prepared.  I do not have a neck brace, but will work on getting one if you don't have one I can share. 
     Please text me if you have an available seat.  Dave (509) 499-0099