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Topic: Driver looking for a ride at NHMS (Loudon) in October

Driver with a decent amount of experience doing DE/TT, licensed with COMSCC. Run 1:26's at NHMS in a stock motor NA miata on street tires.

No experience with Lemons or W2W, looking to change that.

Decent amount of wrenching experience, team player. Pretty much obsessed with cars.

Can devote some time to prep the car if happening nearby-ish to my location (Boston, MA).

Don't have space to keep a trailer, but potentially have garage space and basic tools to work on a small-ish car for a finite period of time.

Very open to joining a team for more than one race if things go well.

Will have all the safety gear in time for race day, including Hans

Re: Driver looking for a ride at NHMS (Loudon) in October


This car....Is said to have a will of it's Own. Twisting its own body in rage...It accelerates on.
1978 Opel/Buick Isuzu(B) - IOE, C class, Incredible Feats in Badge Engineering; 1996 Ford Probe GT(B)

Re: Driver looking for a ride at NHMS (Loudon) in October

If still looking for a ride, contact me..  paul@silverstonemotorcars.com or at 978 771 8375

Haterade E30 competitive and reliable

$900 arrive and drive..  you can come see the car at the shop anytime in North Andover