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Topic: Looking for a ride at CMP 24 hrs

Looking for a ride with an established team at the 24 hrs CMP event,  i missed out on NOLA, older, experienced, driver, hoping to do night stints, ez on equipment, I can pay my share plus, buy a set of tires? good lights? the only Lemons award id like is most laps! I know its late, but I hope to get some laps in, email me at teamb@gci.net thanks Wayne

Re: Looking for a ride at CMP 24 hrs

I’m looking for a last min driver. Did you get a ride?

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Re: Looking for a ride at CMP 24 hrs

Hey Kyle, still trying to make it, if i can, ill pay my share , plus tires or whatever, im  older, ez on equipment, im only interested in putting in laps, ill take several night sessions, what class car? send me some pics? teamb@gci.net thanks wayne, im 5-7 190#, not fat, will i fit?