Topic: Fiat 500 anyone? Sacramento $500?

One of my shop neighbors has a Fiat 500 you can probably buy really cheap.
He told me it has some engine issue, they replaced the computer and still doesn't run right.
They would sell for $1500, but that was before..apparently this car is owned by their old dealership
and as such it has no transferable title, so now he says they can only part it out.
I can't have any more non-registered cars, so it is out for me, but might make a good Lemons car for someone who title doesn't matter.  It is not stolen, they have 5 other cars like this, but this is the only interesting one (ok, so v40,beetle,gti,grandam, maybe others).

Just thought I'd pass it on, it just might get crushed, as they are under pressure to get rid of all their cars taking up space (and not too soon, they are always in my way!)

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Re: Fiat 500 anyone? Sacramento $500?

I"ll take it for $500!

How do I get in touch with them?

Re: Fiat 500 anyone? Sacramento $500?

I will get his phone number for you tomorrow.  English not so good comrade.

Re: Fiat 500 anyone? Sacramento $500?


There's one Lemons award I haven't won yet... … e=emb_logo