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Topic: 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.5 5spd. Manual. $300 obo. Aztec, NM

Hi all,

My buddy and I were drinking beer and watching Roadkill a few years back, when we stumbled across the Rotsun @ 24 Hours of Lemons episode.  We were immediately inspired to find and build a car for the race.  During  this time we were also enrolled in an automotive trade school and taking transmission courses.  After some Facebook searching, we came across a 2002 Mercury Cougar that would start and run, but not move.  We offered $200 and took it home to discover that the differential had chewed up and launched the spider gears out of the case.  We pulled the trans, found new spider gears online, installed a new clutch, had the hole in the case welded, and put it all back together.  During this time, the car also got a new battery, a ball joint, oil pan gasket, and had the interior (& airbags) fully stripped.

Fast-forward a few years.  My buddy is enrolled in engineering school.  I am a full time auto technician.  Neither of us have the time or $$ to finish and race this thing.  We really want to see somebody finish this car and enter it in 24 hrs of Lemons or at the very least a demolition derby!!

Now for information on the car:

2002 Mercury Cougar

-2.5L Duratec w/ 5 spd. Manual Trans.
-Tires that came w/ the car are essentially 100% tread.
-The car starts, runs, and drives like a champ
-Needs one ball joint replaced- the part is in the car, ready to be installed.
-No rust whatsoever.
-White paint= blank canvas for very foolish livery

Please contact Kyle @ 9707647370 for pictures and a craigslist link (I apparently can't post a link on here until I've posted twice).