Topic: $500 Indiana 2000 Honda Insight and spares, guaranteed domination

It will be very expensive to cage this, Pagel has requested a pro cage builder with an invoice in order to race it. There aren't a lot of folks who have caged aluminum unibody cars. If I was in CA I would just have him do it. If I was going to continue I think I would have Izzy's in St. Louis do it.

Red, 2000 Insight. ~275,000 miles. Indiana title in hand. Seats, carpet, headliner and trim removed. Has hybrid battery but previous owner removed and bypassed it, assumed to be bad. Original engine is in the car, cam is broken. Paint is "meh" but body is pretty good.

Comes with:
Full set of steel brake lines from
Used cylinder head with good cam and new head gasket
Complete used 130k mile engine and manual transmission
2 new Honda front hubs
2 new Honda aluminum rear drums (yeah, cool!)
2 Timken front wheel bearings, and 2 Timken rear wheel bearings + hubs
All new Honda clips and hardware to secure the front bumper
New KLR3CYL (Scott Kulbeck) aluminum belly pan and hardware
New KLR3CYL front and rear stiffer springs
New rear GAZ shocks
4x new Centric front rotors
Spare IMA motor (I was going to gut it to save weight), it's like 40 pounds
4x OEM wheels with winter tires, 2x tuner wheels with all-seasons
3/8" thick stainless "header" flange
Whatever else stuff I'm forgetting

Yes, there's some $ stuff here, but it's a pain selling one thing at a time over multiple years. Come take it all and race it in Lemons.

Re: $500 Indiana 2000 Honda Insight and spares, guaranteed domination

Okay last chance before I start trying to sell bits one at a time over the next 12 years. Pics available via email or visit.

Re: $500 Indiana 2000 Honda Insight and spares, guaranteed domination

hey MDG,

Any chance you got a quote for the cage cost? I have a fun idea that the insight would be perfect for, but the aluminum body is the only thing keeping me from jumping in.