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This is our shop van and tow rig for our Lemons car. It’s high mileage((387000 triton v-10) but runs great and has been taken care of. The back fines on the plate make the vehicle unpractical to donate or put back on the road legally.  The owner and fellow racer tragically passed away. I’m doing my best to handle his possessions and know that putting this van on the track would make him happy. The family has assured me that the title stays with the deceased and gave me the go ahead to jump it off a cliff. I would love to see it on the track in some form or be used for something similar. It’s in San Francisco and would need to be towed.  Come get it before DPW or the tweekers do.  Open to offers/trades/whatever.  I can’t post images here so please message if interested.

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Sent you a PM.

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