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Actually, it's two Yugos. The red one is titled and was running when I parked it about six years ago. It's been sitting for a while now, so I'm sure the gas is old, and the brakes might be stuck (they were already dragging when I parked it). Now it will run momentarily with a little gas poured in the carburetor, but it'll at least need the carb cleaned out, and probably the tank flushed before it'll run on its own. Six years ago it ran well, with no smoking or knocking. The oil pressure light would come on when hot, but I'm pretty sure that's just a sending-unit issue. As for the rest of the car, it's your typical '80s hatchback. The interior is all original, as is pretty much everything else. The very rear of the floor is badly rusted, but the rest of the car seems pretty solid.

The white car has no title, and has a bad engine. I don't see any rust on it. It's full of spare parts, which all go with the deal. It's an A/C car, but the compressor is removed. The previous owner told me the compressor was inside the car, but I haven't searched for it.

You get both cars and all the parts for $650. I'll even help load them onto your trailer (I have a tractor if we need it). If you're looking for something different, and don't mind a project, here you go. If you'd like any more information or pictures, please ask.