Topic: Wrench, possible driver, for Oregon Raceway Park '21

I'm here to announce that my wife has given me permission to join a team for ORP this summer!
I am a total newb and hopeful future team captain looking to get some first-hand experience before I try to cluelessly bring my own team of more total newbs.  I am very adaptable to whatever type of team you are running, and will contribute maximum effort towards achieving whatever your goals are for the event.  Unless your goals are minimum effort, which I can also do.  If you do need a driver, I have my own suit (minus HANS) and will drive your car carefully, but I have zero on-track experience.
I'm a mellow 40-something with lots of backyard-mechanic experience and would love to assist with any maintenance tasks that may arise during racing.  Or not, if you don't want people touching your baby, I totally get it. I'd also be happy to just be the guy who holds the fire extinguisher during pits.
Message me through the board if you've got an opening!