Topic: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

Immediate IOE contention. That gold stripe on the black is A+. … 77718.html

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Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

IIRC, the black with gold stripe was a special edition.  Of what, I dont remember.  And it's just a big X1/9.  How hard could it be?

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Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

Not actually a Scorpion, but a Beta, but who really cares, right?  Why do these tasty morsels have to be sooooo far away?  I'm itching to find a mule for my Alfa 164S drivetrain, and I realllly want to keep it Italian.  The search continues....


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Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

Beta Zagato, “ quite a challenge” indeed.

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Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

If you hate your life, this car is perfect!!!

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Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

Or you could buy our IoE-winning Scorpion with massive spares package. After much pain, we finally got it sorted, and won the big prize at Sonoma. PM me for details. Will be posted on the forums soon.

Re: 1981 Lancia Scorpion - $2400 (lol) - Austin, TX

cool but be much cooler with a T-bird turbo coupe drivetrain....

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