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Hi, new team with 2 primary drivers (we'll have our own stuff), that's hoping to do 3-4 races (Gingerman x2, Joliet, Kintucky).  We're also going to have a pipeline of one-off drivers who can only do a race here or there and will be rotating them (you know the types, real jobs, good marriages, love their kids and want to spend time with them or whatever).   

Anyway, if you have any helmets, suits, shoes that still meet specs and you'd be willing to sell I'd be interested in what you have.  Fortunately most of our dudes are basically the same dude, 5'10" with Dad-bod.  We're running a 4 cyl S10, so I probably don't need to say any more about how "competitive" we're looking to be.  Just want some cheap stuff to have a great time - can't wait!


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If you are going to have a 'revolving door' of drivers,you may be better served by going to RaceSuitRentals.....
Rather than you shelling out cash for gear of dubious quality,and varying levels of skank,you can have them rent new,clean gear for themselves.That way you know that they are dedicated and you know the gear will pass tech.
I think a full gear set goes for around 200.00 for the weekend

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just looked them up, thats a solid idea, thanks!

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try ebay.

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That_Noise_Is_Normal wrote:

just looked them up, thats a solid idea, thanks! has used nascar stuff, make sure of the sfi specs before hitting any checkout buttons

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We have a set of team gear... I found a guy on craigslist who was cleaning out his closet and had a full set of gear for $90. SA2015 helmet included. All super cheap/low quality stuff, but keep an eye out. Not sure how helpful that is, but the deals are out there.

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Speedway sells complete kits of varying levels and brands, for around $300-500.  Sometimes they have returns that are predetermined sizes for as low as 200. You can get basically everything you need except socks and HANS. It's not the absolute best deal but it's pretty good and makes the process simple. … -512-16063
If that link doesn't filter it to kits like I intended, just use their filter system to look at safety equipment/fire retardant clothing/racing suits/sold in quantity: kits
I've ordered from them twice and they seem like a good company

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Thanks so much for the help!  I had ordered a set of multilayer overalls for myself but looking at these options I might think about upgrading and keeping my other suit in the rotation. 

Excited about getting started, can tell from videos and forum that we picked the right series.  Wish I could go to a race as a fan but looks like that might not be an option w covid, but we'll show up early to gingerman and learn on the fly.

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Second vote for for one time team mates.

They charged $200 for the full suit rental, with a $700 refundable deposit.  Very easy to work with.

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