Topic: mines students in search of fuel jugs

hello, just finishing up our car from the colorado school of mines capstone team!  we are searching for fuel jugs that are for sale or that we could borrow for the BFE at high places on the 5th!

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Re: mines students in search of fuel jugs

You should only need 3 or 4.  Immediately Right after the pit stop refill, our team captain would send somebody to the nearest gas station to fill them up.    I found some at my local Tractor Supply or Amazon

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Re: mines students in search of fuel jugs

Hello, try asking on the Colorado Lemons Mafia group on Facebook (pretty active group).  Also might try other local racing groups - Colorado SCCA, Rocky Mountain NASA, etc. 

Might also look up the "Colorado CIRCLE TRACK Race Cars & Parks. Buy, Sell, Trade" group on Facebook.  If you ask there you may find some success.  I was referred to this group by one of my drivers and a TON of stuff comes up. 

I'd let you borrow some of ours but we're running two cars and need what we have. 

Good luck!