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Hi, I'm looking to join a Lemons team. I'm an experienced HPDE driver and have mechanical, electronics, suspension, light-fabrication skills. I do all of my own work on my '06 Z06 Corvette and several other cars I've restored. Looking for a fun, low-stress team. Winning is cool but fun is my goal.

I'm in the South Bay, Cupertino, and frequent T-hill, Sonoma, Laguna, and Buttonwillow.

Good shape, high endurance

Open to arrive and drive to start.
Open to traveling (Vaccinated)


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Hey Keith, I PM'd you.

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im looking to do a couple races. i have a 1998 Honda civic cx. i have title despite owing 500 in back fees to the state.. it was rear ended 2 years ago but even after sitting all this time it still cranks up and will drive straight at highway speeds. i have no track exp. but im a good driver and know enough about machines to be dangerous...jk lol. i have basic tools also. Before i was rear ended i spent about 1800$ on lowering the car with good parts put in a new clutch with a rebuild 5 speed new cv axels basically from the wheels up its good just ugly. it will need a timing belt and water pump serviced if its gonna be a good 24 hour car. but i actually have those parts. along with rear brakes. (fronts are freshly done with drilled rotors and will last the race season). has CEL but im guessing its emissions related since it drives fine just idles a little high on cold starts. i just moved to Pensacola FL but my folks live in American canyon and the car lives there too... i putt too much time into the thing and i hate to see it go to the pick and pull. im not swimming in cash but have enough resources where this could be fun and still have a chance to collect the purse if we play our cards right..

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Sending PM now

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TTT. Still looking for a team. Willing to travel last minute to fill any vacancies. Cannot do Buttonwillow in Sept.

Thanks, Keith