Topic: Best pit bike ever FOR SALE Los Angeles $2500

DOMINATE THE PITS.  And beyond... Fully street legal and extremely adorable.  I've ridden this bike from T-Hill to town for tacos and returned safely even.  Want to be mobbed by fans at every cafe and stoplight?  Roll up on this gorgeous monster and find out.  See description and deets below:

Rare and mostly original Sears branded Gilera "124" motorcycle. This is an unusual example because it has many upgrades, and is ready to ride anywhere today. Starts on the first kick, idles smoothly, and runs much better than new. Fun and easy to ride with much less headache than most vintage bikes and while the frame is small, this is a fully functioning motorcycle that can be ridden by grownups and will keep up with traffic around town. If you ever wanted a sexy right side shifter Italian lightweight here is a great chance to get one thats been totally gone through.

Here are some highlights:
Original black and yellow Ca. plate with current registration in my name.
Custom 12v solid state ignition and magneto. No points. No battery. No trouble.
Headlight and taillight that work.
1mm overbore piston.
Custom larger valves.
Custom copper head gasket.
5 speed transmission shifts perfectly.
Good clutch.
Custom lightweight 420 chain conversion.
Taller gears for freeway speeds (not recommended lol.)
Crossdrilled front drum brake (actual brake surface drilled.)
Custom built shouldered aluminum rims.
Modern tires.
Modern rear shocks.
Rare flip top gas cap.
Decent paint but there is some patina here and there.
No leaks.
New Fork seals.
New petcock valves.

You also get another parts bike that's nearly complete including another gas tank, frame, most of an engine as well as lots of other spare parts.

Hit me up at when you are ready  to throw money at me.

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