Topic: Driver Looking to race Sonoma

I am looking to grab a drivers seat, and happy to lend a hand wrenching, cooking, bribing, whatever.

  • Ex professional downhill skateboard racer. (Raced around the world)
    Used to race motorcycles in AFM and know the motorcycle variant of Sonoma like the back of my hand.
    Eager beaver looking to have fun and help. (low level technical knowledge)
    I love racing Sonoma raceway.
    Vaxxed to the maxx

Let me know if you have room for another driver on your team big_smile

Re: Driver Looking to race Sonoma

We have spots available on our team. Looking to fill a seat for Buttonwillow, and possibly also for Sonoma. PM sent.

Captain of AFART Racing - 1987 and 1988 Toyota Supras
Captain of McDads/AFART Racing -1977 Lancia Scorpion (IOE Winner Sears Pointless 2021... wait, really?? YES, REALLY!!).
Captain of 42 Hours of MeLons (2013-14) - Vattenmelon Vagn 1984 Volvo 240, B-Class Winner: Arse-Freeze 2014

Re: Driver Looking to race Sonoma

Sweet! I saw your DM and sent a response to the email from your DM.  big_smile