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Topic: 280ZX Lemons Roller, Corpus Christi, $2000 OBO

Car has raced at the yearly MSR event more than a few years (won back in 2019) and it's last race was at COTA back in 2020. We're moving on and so drivetrain has been pulled, but up so sale is a mostly legal Champ/ Lemons Roller. Throw in a L28 or a V8 and car will be very fast & competitive.

The suspension has been gone thru, car handles very good, has coil overs, along with other goodies. Safety wise, comes with race harness, race seat, nascar style door bars, custom gauge cluster, and comes with 8 race wheels/ tires.

Car took some damage to the drivers front area, so will need some repairs, but "as is" we managed to finish the event without issues. Also, willing to include an extra long block and other extra parts. We carried 2 of everything.... so there's alot of other parts too. Let me know if you have any questions.

Guys I'm gauging interest.... so let me know if you want to check this out. I will be cleaning the shop this weekend and can take detailed photos with additional list of items.

Found some more photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/U9w4T9ffYd51mA888

The safety stuff alone is worth what we're asking for the car. Hope to move this quick! Stay tuned.....


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Re: 280ZX Lemons Roller, Corpus Christi, $2000 OBO

Here's the detailed parts list:

•    QuickCar 61-6021 - QuickCar Gauge Panel
•    Quick Car Killswitch; +1 Pegasus Cutoff
•    Custom Switch Panel
•    Custom Gauge Cluster
•    X2 MyLaps Transponder Hardwire Kit
•    2Way Radio Wired – Baofeng
•    Kirkey Race Seat
•    OMP 5 point harness
•    SPA FIA18-L4A - 4.0 (4) Nozzle System
•    Taylor Aluminum Battery Box
•    Quick Release Weld-On Shaft
•    Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit, 82-83 280ZX
•    Spherical Tension Control Rods
•    Techno Toy Weld-On Lower Control Arm Kit
•    ST Anti-Swaybar Set Nissan 280ZX
•    Four Corner Weld On Coilover kit for Datsun 280Z
•    Bilstien Shock & Eibach Kit
•    5 Speed Manual Car
•    RS200 3.90 Final Drive Open Diff
•    Manual Rack - Rare

More Photos added to the album:


Re: 280ZX Lemons Roller, Corpus Christi, $2000 OBO

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Re: 280ZX Lemons Roller, Corpus Christi, $2000 OBO

Replied via email. FYI car will be ready to view or pick up by 2/19/22.

Re: 280ZX Lemons Roller, Corpus Christi, $2000 OBO

Car is ready for pick up...located in 78412 Corpus Christi area. I'm available on the weekends AM time, and up until lunch time. Send me an email if you want to coordinate.