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Topic: 1995 Honda Accord race car for sale - $500 for car, $6400 for parts!

1995 “Accordalude” Accord EX Coupe with Prelude VTEC engine & transmission
We purchased this 1/2017 and since prepared and raced in the ChampCar Endurance series, class B. This would make an excellent Lemons Racer, HPDE [High Performance Driver Education]/track day car or continue to race - or any of the above. We’re consistently on the podium for class B and we have earned more than 8 trophies in the past 3 years. Fast [faster than most in the rain], easy to drive and has competed at Watkins Glen, Thompson, Mid-Ohio, Nelson Ledges and Pittsburgh. We’ve logged a total of 151.64 hours since taking possession.

We’ll include all of our parts inventory & sourcing, setup, alignment and other information we’ve captured on spreadsheets since acquisition. Also included are all the parts listed below.

1995 Accord EX coupe description: H22A1 Prelude VTEC engine, M2F4 Prelude transmission with M-Factory LSD and carbon syncros Caged, Recaro seat & Sabelt 5 point harness included [good until 2023], window net. ECU with HonData & dyno tuned [for reliability and economy under 3000 RPM during cautions. 197 hp on 93 pump gas]. NRG quick release wheel, wink mirror, convex side view mirrors & power steering delete. Car weighs about 2300 lbs., with a near 50/50 weight distribution. Braille lightweight trunk mounted battery. Suspension-adjustable upper control arms front from Megan Racing, rears are Godspeed and coilovers. Innovative engine mounts and front crossmember with chromoly trailing arms [to front lower control arms]. Brake booster deleted, Wilwood master cylinder and Russell braided brake lines. Factory air box [filters are inexpensive & we change after every race along with oil] and never ingests water during rainy stints. Polymer intake manifold gasket [reduces intake temp], adjustable timing belt tensioner [hydraulic adjustor/tensioner is prone to failure] and balance shafts disconnected. FIA certified fire system with engine & cockpit outlets is included and good through 2023. Cage is ChampCar legal, main hoop 1.75”, side bars 1.5” 0.095 wall thickness. Our car is comfortable, roomy and accommodates drivers from 5’6” to 6’5” [seat on slider].

Included parts:
• 9x Speedline forged 15x8 wheels [8 with tires]
• NOS left “A” pillar>door>rocker
• Used front bumper cover & lower air dam OE Honda
• New rear bumper cover OE Honda
• Spare M2F4 transmission, non-LSD
• Spare intake manifold with injectors & relay
• Spare tail lights & OE gauge cluster
• Spare starter & alternator with bracket along with new alternator belt
• Spare wire harness, fuse block, ignition coil, power relays, MAP sensor
• Spare H22A1 cylinder head
• Spare axles; 2x left & right along with extra boots
• Track bars [trailing rods from front support to lower control arm]
• Accord & Prelude Honda factory service manuals
• NOS side view mirror and various other new parts
• Spare complete H22A1 engine, extra H22A1 cylinder head and camshafts
• Spare spark plugs, distributor, 2x distributor caps & plug wires
• Suspension-tie rod ends, control arms, other suspension parts
• Used aluminum flywheel
• New & used front brake pads, new rear rotors, spare left front caliper
• NOS Honda throttle body and spare used throttle body
• New upper and lower radiator hoses

Asking $500 for the car plus $6,400 [or best offer] for everything detailed above, and can deliver from Rochester, NY for a fee.
Please contact me with any questions, images or details not covered here.

palermodavid13 at gmail.com [typed at vs. @ to reduce spamming...]

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