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'm selling 2 Nash Metropolitans.
Both are restorable...and while the black & white (1962) would appear to be the easiest to do (probably is), the second one is the prize!

The second one is a 1959 convertible. Most of the parts are there for that, including the convertible top frame, most times those are gone. I was going to use the 62 as a template for restoration, when the car that I was trying to copy , became available...and I bought it.

1959 was the year that the final body changes occurred, adding a "trunk lid" not offered on previous years. The 59 is currently mounted on a homemade rotisserie, for ease of restoring.

The 62 front and rear bumpers are very nice and worth $1,000 by themselves and I've been offered $700 for the convertible top frame from the 59. This has to be a good deal.

Serious inquiries only please

I don't want to sell them separately and would like to sell then to someone who will complete the job started. There are lots of new parts and wiring harnesses that would work for both cars...but was purchased for the 59.

This would be a great summer project, not a huge amount to do to get the 59 in paint.

I currently have a complete 59 convertible that I'd allow a serious person to look at, as needed. I have a tractor to assist with loading onto your trailer.