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Topic: 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati for sale $500

$500. Would this not be a great Lemons car? Of course it would. It features Italian craftsmanship combined with K car durability sporting a 3.0L V6 Mitsubishi mini-van engine. What could go wrong? It's a complete car, runs but won't start for some reason, probably needs new points or a carburetor adjustment. Starts but immediately dies. If you are a Masetari mechanic or a K car mechanic...or a Mitsubishi mechanic for that matter this is the car for you. You could put the 4 cyl. torbo-charged engine with the Cosworh head in it and have a real Italian stallion race car of some sort I suppose, but maybe not. If you happen to be in the market for an unusual, rare Lemons car it's only $500 cash, no checks, no Pay Pal, won't trade for pot...cash only. Have title, it's located in my back yard in Tacoma, Wa, 98404. Bring a trailer. Being 'image posting challenged' I can't seem to post pictures so contact me if you would care to view this beauty. Lee Iaococa and Alajandro de Tomaso thank you.  Mike

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Set up an account at Postimages.org, and use the "hotlinks for forums" codes for the pics.

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Sold. May it rot on the scrap heap in purgatory. Probably one of the worst cars ever produced.