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Topic: 2000 Passat

My friend and I were working on a Lemons car, but simply ran out of time. We need to get it out of my yard or my wife is gonna kill me.
2000 Passat
around 190000 miles
The timing belt broke so we rebuilt the engine
Added performance clutch
Original owner added performance suspension and wheels.
We removed all the interior and added a racing seat (but not he seat belt yet).

Just needs a few more odds and ends and a roll cage and this car will be ready to race!
We are located in Greensboro, NC
Asking $300 for the beast

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Re: 2000 Passat

Hi Skipp!

I just finished my first race at Road Atlanta this weekend, and I was part of the "Rad Dad" team.  We drove a 2005 dodge caravan and it was a blast!  One of my Rad Dad teammates and I now have the bug.  Yep, that bug (no, not covid), and we would be interested in seeing your Passat.

Do you have a couple (many?) pics of it you can send?  pauljegan@gmail.com or email me and I'll share my phone number to make it easier.

Could you answer a question or two (or... 5)?  Again, text or call if easier.
1 - Is she running as she sits?
2 - What do you think is the next mechanical issue to contend with?  I'm a low level mechanic, so medium to big stuff is beyond me, but not a deal breaker, of course.
3 - Is it the 6 cylinder engine?  Which Passat model is it?
4 - Is it 2 door, 4 door or wagon?
5 - If we can communicate more about it this week, would a quick visit to see her next Saturday morning be an option to come visit?

Thanks very much,
Paul (AKA... A Rad Dad)
Atlanta, GA

Re: 2000 Passat

Very interested! I’m located in Stokesdale.
If you don’t mind sending me some pictures to (336)341-6946 thanks!

Re: 2000 Passat

Is the Passat still available? If so I would like to take a look this Saturday, with cash in hand. 509 415 5057