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Topic: 1992 Thunderbird 302 For Sale or Trade

Previously raced by Irritable Dad Syndrome Racing, I have a 1992 Ford Thunderbird SC that was swapped to a 302 after the original engine failed. The car is fully caged and has been run multiple times in Lemons. Engine is a Ford 302 with GT 40 heads but comes with a spare engine and a set of 289 heads studded for 1.7 to rockers. ALL the engine needs is a reseal and a full set of lifters(flat tappet lifters were originally used but most are missing from the set). The car sat for about 7 years after one cylinder ran lean and burned a hole in the piston. The piston has since been replaced and bottom end has been gone through. We have boxes of extra parts, a spare set of wheels, and a lot of potential for this car.
Things the car does have installed: Fuel cell, full cage, lowering springs, 302, 5 speed manual, 750 Holley, fire extinguisher, air pump with air ducts to direct air from cowls to interior space for driver and clutch cooling.
things the car does not have installed: distributor cap, correct lifters, fire suppression system, racing seat, battery cables.

Car is for sale for $2000 but we are interested in trading for a Caged FWD Honda Civic, Prelude, or CRX.
You can call my business number 8437990153 or email me at Hughes Automotive1@gmail.com

Located in Florence, SC

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And it's for sale where?

843 area code means, south carolina?

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Yes the car is located in Florence, SC

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good price for a caged car !