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Here's a quick rundown of some caged Lemons (?) cars on Facebook Marketplace. Not my cars, don't care if they sell, just letting you know they're out there, et. al.

2004 Toyota Corolla - $1000 - Norton, MA
Automatic. Cage looks installed, might need some work. Hard to tell from the pics, but that's a good start for the money.

1999 Mercedes C280 - $5000 - Danbury, CT
Automatic, V6, ran reasonably well with two teams previously over 5-6 races. Originally built in California by some desert racers.

1997 Plymouth Neon - $3250 - Piedmont, SC
Blown engine, manual...I don't remember this car at all, but that doesn't mean much. I didn't get to CMP races until 2019.

1990 Toyota Corolla GT-S - $1400 - Sunnyvale, CA
Blown head gasket. Sounds like the seller has done the work but didn't finish all the reassembly. Might be a helluva deal.

1985 BMW E30 - $3400 - San Francisco, CA
M60 V8/6-speed swap. Gonna have some 'splainin' to do on the budget and will have to let judges know you won't drive it like a complete moron (it'll be really fast if/when it runs). Was posted somewhere else recently, maybe even here too but I'm too lazy to navigate away from the forum editor.

2003 Infiniti I30 - $950 - Gilbert, AZ
"Has unknown coolant leak issue." Probably should be able to find another V6 for it pretty easily.

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Caged cars for $950, $1000 and $1400? !!?!
Holy Sheepshit, Batman!
buy a few.
you cannot build them for that cheap

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A good cage installed is over 3k.

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