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Topic: Oak Harbor WA, 500$obo 80s blazer

Late 80s blazer
Runs, drives, lights work.
Survived a gambler run a few years ago.

"Custom paint"
"Weight reduction surgery"
Welded diff
Vacuum lines intact except one emission line but it's not an issue
Fuel cutoff switch installed
Road legal-ish
Easy access fuel pump

Custom paint
Very Manual Windows
Previous owner reports transmission issues after the gambler run when driving it back to Washington.

I bought it a year ago for a Lemons run but that's didn't happen. Better for it to race or be used as parts for another car.

Comment below of your interested,500$ OBO

Re: Oak Harbor WA, 500$obo 80s blazer

Is this a K5? They are astoundingly heavy.

That guy

Re: Oak Harbor WA, 500$obo 80s blazer

Alot has been removed, it should be a good bit lighter.