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Topic: SOLD - 2006 Jetta 2.5 Sedan - Class C Ringer!

Okay, so I'm bailing (for now).  I purchased this car intending to make it a Lemons racer.  Things change and I'm now going to part with it.  It's all stock, has less than 120K miles and runs excellent.  The engine is the 2.5 five cylinder which is a pretty robust design.  It has engine codes for no Cats as it only has a downpipe for exhaust at present.  I went with an auto to simplify things with my "team" but it's a pretty good one - the 09G has a manual shift mode and is sometimes referred to as a "tiptronic".  It's no DSG but not bad for an auto.

I already gutted the interior but do still have both front seats.  The car had been sitting so I drained the fuel and added new.  It starts right up and gets to temp without concern.  The brakes work but one caliper sticks - they were going in the bin anyway!  The body isn't great but the car has never been hit.  It needs a left fender.

I have pictures and videos of it running, etc.  $500.00 pretty firm.

Shoot me an email at kemscholar23@gmail.com or text 978.204.1846.  Located in Chelmsford, MA; I can possibly deliver depending upon location, etc.