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Just a heads up, as usual, or ok for the last two years, Zero Energy will be doing the smoking/bbq thing again, Friday there may be ribs, no promises there will be leftovers first come first served.  Last 2 years we have a lot of leftovers Fri. night.

But, sat. we are planning to drag about 100lbs of pork out and smoke it all day.  Last year we did 80ish, we want to step it up.  So, bring yourself, bring your team, bring another team, hell, bring people you don't like, we're hoping to feed a lot of people.  And nothing says fun like pulled pork.

I'll be pretending to know what I'm doing, Shawn will be doing his best Wolverine impression, Paul, well, Paul will be Paul.

Look for the ambulance that you don't want rescuing you, with the terrible del sol somewhere adjacent to it.  and the thing making smoke near them.  hopefully, god willing, the Del Sol isn't the thing making the smoke.

If I can swing it, I'll make a few gallons of Limoncello, maybe lime if people really want it.  And we'll have a party.

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Re: Zero Energy Racing's NJMP BBQ

Where does the line start??!
Do you take reservations?
I think I tried your Lemoncello...fantastic!
Best of luck with the DelSol also.


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Re: Zero Energy Racing's NJMP BBQ

For you guys, we'll get you on the list.

Capt. Zero Energy Racing
Somewhat quick and moderately angsty.