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Topic: Shoe In Winner On Index: 1978 Citroen Pallas CX

Get your Index of Effluency-craving ass up to Oklahoma City toot-suite for this fine frog-powered ride, available right freaking now for the low low price of... $500! That's right, you won't even have to sell anything off of it to make budget (although I suspect that Judge Jonny and Judge Murilee might just look the other way if you showed up with this car and a hopped up SBC had happened to fall into the engine bay). Which is good, since the other owner of one of these cars who lives in America probably already owns all the spares he will need. I don't mean to build it up too much, but this might simply be the best Lemons ride ever -- and did I mention that it RAN WHEN PARKED! What a triumph! Of course, it was parked in 1987, but still, what can 22 years of dry rot in OKC do to such a majestic example of Gallic engineering?

Here's the link: http://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/cto/1118024106.html

This one surely won't last...

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Re: Shoe In Winner On Index: 1978 Citroen Pallas CX

Sadly, this one has lasted.  I noticed it a couple months ago on CL, and some time after that it becomes a feature in Jalopnik, posted by Judge Murilee himself!

http://jalopnik.com/5209050/project-car … -cx-pallas

So it's an oddball Frenchie, has bulletproof BS credentials, and since it's been sitting for awhile one could probably hack some ducats off of that.  Geez, the levels of win on this thing are starting to stack up...

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Re: Shoe In Winner On Index: 1978 Citroen Pallas CX

argg, if only I had the space for it, I'd snap it up... but the Lexus and Corolla I just bought to mash together will hog all the room!

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