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Has anyone thought of or even tried to get a weekly rate rental car, overnight throw a bolt in autopower cage (or similar) and then race it in Lemons? (I know, I know-- it was done on JackAss in a demolition derby...)

The value of the car would just be the rental rate, right? Only issue is if it gets claimed at the end or if it makes People's Curse (he he).

If it's just a 6-point cage then the holes would be easily concealed once the cage is removed post-race. And a few dings/dents here or there would be taken care of with the insurance offered. More drastic issues might require that it be tow-roped to the nearest highway and then a AAA phone call. Evading charges of fraud may also be tricky...

Just thinking out loud.

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Once I rented a Toyota Camry from Hertz and showed it on the field at the Carlisle import auto show.  The Toyota guys were pretty upset.

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and the kill switch?

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Rentals already have the approval from the judges.  If you do wreck you just have to drag it off the track since the rental agreements have some small print about racing or being on a track yadda yadda....
Just get the FULL COVERAGE!!

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So how do you explain the farm animals welded to the roof?

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Three words: Days of Thunder.

They call it rubbing and they had some radiator problems.

I've voted to curse Jays Rental twice.  A run in with construction equipment should be covered under the insurance. 

I'd really like to see the look on the rentals agents face when it come back on a flat bed squashed.


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Rental cars are exempt from penalties involving spray paint and/or farm animals. Instead, pork brains for the drivers!