Topic: Re: towing services/car disposal for lamest day

I just heard back from Jay and my "wrecker" crew and I are a go for Nelson Ledges     If you know for sure you will NOT want to haul your heap home please E mail me so I can get an idea of how many cars I will need to haul out of there      I will have 2 tow trucks, 2 car trailers and a small dump truck for loose parts and pieces at the event  ( please do NOT throw trash in it )    as I said before I will be able to pay a LITTLE something for whats left of your car depending on what it weighs,wether you have a title and wether your leaving any aluminum wheels on it    please keep in mind that I have to haul this junk clear back to Columbus to process it and get rid of it again , gas aint cheap ,and wreckers dont get real good mileage so dont be insulted by the price I quote ya !!!  I will be as fair as I can , Im just shooting for breaking even on expenses and gathering info to be used against  you when my team and I enter next yrs event .
   If you decide you dont want to haul your heap home after your AT the race ( when it burns or gets cursed or just generally pisses you off to the point your done with it )   any vehicle running around at the track this weekend with a "FAST-TOYS" sticker on it is one of my minions and they can buy your pile or know where to find me so I can buy your pile.

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