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Hello all. Does anyone have any experience with a cage kit from Rhodes Race Cars? Link

Someone sent me the link to their site, but thus far I haven't found anyone who has used them. Just curious how the cage goes together, quality, etc...


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Again, like I tell everyone that links to something like this...find me the mention of 1 5/8" tube in the massive 4-page rule book.  Would it pass?  Probably but who wants to risk it?

"Mild Steel Tubing" is...what?  My assumption is ERW but if the company can't spell it out in a way those of us who read the rule book do, how can they claim " design (sic) for you guys looking to compete in the 24 Hour at Lemons as well as the Chumps series races. "  You see, DOM is also mild steel as is a piece of plate I heat up, bang with a hammer on a chipped anvil and spot weld shut when the two ends meet.

Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

Given that they list DOM as an up-charge I would assume it's ERW.

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

It is above the minimuim size so I don't see 1 5/8th being an issue, but I would prefer to find someone who has bought a cage and passed tech with it first.

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

Our VW has been running an 1 5/8" cage since 2008.  No issues getting through tech with it for tube size.  We have modified it over the years to keep up with rule changes.  Each time we replace a tube we use 1 5/8" DOM.  IIRC we have a kit from S&W Race Cars.

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

I'm a first timer and haven't bought my cage yet. But I've trolled enough to make this short list of kit builders: … R_354.aspx … c_162.html

Rhodes has the best info and site which gives me a better feeling about what I'm about to buy. Feels like I can better spec my upgrades and pass Lemons tech with less hassles. If you buy your kit via Ebay they include freight (though it may be more expensive overall).

But like the OP asked, anyone have real world experience with them?

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

I've read posts from a bunch of people buying from Roll Cage Components.  I wouldn't have any concern buying from him.

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

rhodes race cars used to be known as broke dick racing.

we bought our first cage from them as they had already designed a Lemons kit for our car... (97 Civic sedan)... had some issues with fitment*, but they were SUPER easy to work with to rectify-- and we got to keep the extra pieces they originally gave us (came in handy for 2014 cage updates)

I will be using them to bend a cage to my specs for the Scoupe

* the fitment issues we had were likely due to the teammate that ordered our cage not being clear on the difference between 2- and 4-door cars

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

I don't have a ton of experience with either company, but the cage we ordered from RollCageComponents fit AWESOME and came with everything.  The cage in my buddy's car from BDracing/Rhodes looks like dick and they were also complaining about fitment.

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Re: Rhodes Race Cars Cage Kits?

Thanks for the feedback. Will likely go with rollcage, due to the plethora of good feedback.