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Hello to All,

I'm Richard, the new team captain of the Road Race Jones. After the the passing of John Burgess, we reorganized and moved the operation 200 miles south to Williams, Ca. where one of our crew has an auto repair shop.

We had one driver that didn't show due to a family emergency and I caught some bug that resulted in a migraine, which put us down to two drivers. We decided to use the race as one large test session, so the car was in and out frequently as we took tire temps and pressures and tweaked what we could in the suspension.

Thanks all around to Nick Pon and the rest of the Lemons staff who helped us along the way, and all the racers who stopped by our pit to wish us well.

I wanted to post some video of a crash we captured in Turn 9 and found out that I have to post two times before before I can post a link. I think this should do it.

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I don't see the link Richard. BTW, it was great to see you guys there.

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It was in the second post: … p?id=34208