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Topic: Driving Buffalo

Driving the buffalo area , NYS thruway has plenty of internet traffic cameras you can look at now or an hour before the rally starts - or in-route coming up to it . link http://www.nittec.org/cameras/
  I don't want to see the rally bypass buffalo if its just snowing , please only bypass if its in danger of closing the NYS thruway . that's why the rally passes thru buffalo in January  ( keep it real)  NYS Thruway does a great job at keeping the roads clear . even if we been getting snow all day , I-90 will be wet pavement

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Re: Driving Buffalo

Short cut just before Buffalo ,  I drive between Buffalo and Philidelphia Pa a few times a year , theres a short cut at the buffalo end that could shave 35 minutes off the trip and another short cut with-in the short cut good for another 6 minutes ..  after Elmira and corning NY rt 86 will split into 390 just a few exits.. after Dansville ny will be rt36 (Mt Morris) after 8 minutes on that(36) , pass thru Mt Morris and 2 miles out the other side look for 'Perry rd' on the left ._{left on perry rd over that hill will save you 6 minutes , than if you went up and around to 20A ..)  at the end of perry rd -straight at the blinking light and your on 20A .  your on 20A for about 53 minutes and just before the town of east Aurora is rt 400 ..  rt 400 goes to buffalo(12 minutes) .  or keep on  20A to by-passes Buffalo ..Look it up on a map ,  you will see
  if you were to miss your exit off the 390 rt 36 mt morris - you will have another chance 13 miles up the road just after the rest area (mt morris exit)


if the buffalo meet is in THE CITY of buffalo .  leaving the city take rt 5 (the big 120ft tall bridge) after about 12 minutes just past the FORD plant , look for rt 75 .. up there (rt 75 )  is an on ramp for the NYS I - 90    or    you can stay on rt 5 for Another 30 minutes - get that cheap gas at $1.65. and skip about $3.50 in tolls ,, also 2 lights after the ford plant (at the clock tower) is where that ICE CAR was last year  http://www.buffalogasprices.com/map_gas … 2&ft=A     .   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfLJBYwAl50   . if its windy , it could make a good video for youtube  ..

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Re: Driving Buffalo

GAS PRICES  *((1.65))*  if you hold off and get gas after buffalo , it could be up to 90 cents cheaper than the rest of the state .   about 30 miles after buffalo they have an indian rez .. I-90 exit 58  irving / silver creek  .  go right after the toll both . 2 miles up .. at the traffic circle  rt 20 has 8 gas stations & rt 5 has 3  . (the one on rt 5 by the railroad bridge is 5 cents lower than the others most days ) .  link to website  http://www.buffalogasprices.com/    1.65  today  (much better than 2.61 just 2 exits before )

another place to get cheap gas along the rally is on day 2 , where rt 77 and 81 meet in Virginia (Wytheville va) if you plan to continue down rt 77 at that point .  that 12 mile section where your on/with rt 81 east , allways has cheaper gas . 2 exits back down 77 and the price goes up 20 cents

Re: Driving Buffalo

how to not get stuck;   the only time you might deal with driving in deep snow is on the smaller side streets (if you keep to the main roads you will be ok . )  but if you are in deep snow - try to time traffic lights with your car moving - its when you come to a dead stop and then go to start that gives you trouble . if you think you will get stoped at a light - slow down way up the block and creep 5mph to keep your forward momentum and try to time the light when you get there to be green .  don't worry , people will see the car your in and know what your doing . and maybe they will be behind you doing the same thing . we would much rather see you driving slow before a red light - then get stuck in the middle and plug up the intersection ..    if driving gets slippery and uncomfortable - back off 5mph and see how that feels
good tires and wipers help a lot -  go buy extra wipers before the rally