Topic: Ford factory radio interchange

So one of my teammates invested in a new tow vehicle, an '03 E250 cargo van, and it has the most basic of radios.  Said radio also has a busted volume knob so the thought is to upgrade to another Ford radio with a CD player.  This stock unit has a spot for only one plug from the harness since the van only has 2 or 4 speakers.  A number of other Ford radios that will accept the plug in the van also have another spot for a second plug.  I'm assuming this is for additional speakers and possibly steering wheel controls?  I don't want to drop $25 at PnP to conduct a radio experiment so can anyone tell me if another factory radio will work?

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Re: Ford factory radio interchange

No clue about the wiring, but more worryingly, Ford was VIN-locking radios in that era.

You're better off dropping $25 at Walmart for the bottom-of-the-line JVC.

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Re: Ford factory radio interchange

I actually get why he might want Factory.  Using a Ford Truck radio with gloves on...priceless.  I am keeping my AM/FM and just doing a real FM modulator for the cell phone integration.