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After much consideration and trying to convince friends and family to join me on a crazy road trip in a POS, to no avail, I've decided to tackle the Rally solo.  At least I think so right now.  I'm still looking for the right car and have shifted my focus from something old and a little sketchy to something a little newer and more reliable.  Now I just have to decide between something fun to drive like an early C4 Corvette or 944, or some think funky like a donked Buick on 22's or an import with a HUGE wing.

Does anyone know the end of day cites or is that classified information until I'm officially registered.

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Most of them are already posted. Monterey, Bremerton, Bend, Monterey. I don't know that other one is a secret per-se, but you do find out when you register, and some hotels and whatnot. The other is somewhere between Monterey and Bremerton. tongue

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Crescent City is between Monterey and Bremerton

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This is an interesting development.

I say this because I just came on here to make what seems to be my traditional "It's three weeks to the rally, my teammate bailed (again) does anyone want a seat filled or a seat to fill?" post. I mean, it's a tradition if I set out to do it a second time, right?

So I basically didn't quite have anything planned out really, however currently have three semi-not-unreasonable vehicle candidates available to me, all of them registered and insured because street parking is the worst.
From front to rear, you're looking at the Niva that placed 3rd in the Retreat from Moscow, the 530,000km Comanche that placed somewhere on the less mediocre side of average in the inaugural Car Weak rally, and St Jimmy, my current daily driver that I picked up for $250 back in May... the door stays closed by itself now and the CEL doesn't spaz quite as frequently, either.
If you're interesting (interested? Meh, both are good) shoot me an email at gogmorgo at gmail. This applies to any other interested parties as well.
I'm also willing to buy into your or someone else's rally if that's a thing.

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Thanks for the offer but once I decided that I was going solo I started looking forward to the challenge.  On that note I finally found the right car.  It's an '84 Mercedes 300D with 330K miles and a paint roller paint job.  I was sold when I saw the awesome paint job! big_smile

See y'all in a few days.

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No worries, when you didn't answer immediately I figured out other alternative strategies. My sister is as crazy as I am, ha! See you in Monterey!