Topic: San Pedro Martir Hill Climb 2017

I know its late notice but not sure if any of you know of the San Pedro Martir Hill Climb taking place in Baja Mexico September 30 and October 1.

Pay no attention to the dates on the site, it has been rescheduled because over 30 Hoonigan cars are attending, several Pikes Peak record holders and others (I'm taking the Chihauhua Express Miata). 

Its extremely affordable and especially accessible to you California Types. 

The promoter is super cool and would like to see some Lemons make it up the hill as well.   From what I can tell its the longest in the Americas and maybe the world - over 20 miles up to 9,000 feet in elevation.   

A google search for San Pedro Martir Hill Climb will get you hooked in AND maybe even in racing in Mexico.   Personally, I blame NSF for my obsession. 

I encourage you to contact the promoter Pedro Vargas.   he is super cool and willing to work with you to get you accommodations and your car though  tech.

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