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Topic: Tinyvette at Sonoma

Finally, some video.

I produced full-length version and sent copies to my team, but at 2+ hours and 16 GB each, no way I'd upload those, much less expect people to watch them, so here's a 20 minute version of Zep's stint.

Link: https://youtu.be/Wtd1wqDWNDQ

This is not a thrills and spills video. I edited it to represent what the race was like for us, starting with the long queue at start finish, some good hot laps, some dicing, and then all too often stopping the whole field as traffic backs up for a caution or wreck. Still, it was fun.

Here's the thrills and spills version, previously posted in another thread.

Link: https://youtu.be/wVYkxH1jiIw