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My friend and I registered months ago for the Monterey Rally in my '77 AMC Pacer wagon with the fake wood. As would be expected in a car that sat 27 years, it's developed a few problems that may not be able to be taken care of before the rally unless I suddenly find a wallet with a large sum of cash. If it's not fixed in time we're planning to bring my period correct '83 Dodge conversion/boogie van for a 10 MPG outing. The team name we picked mentions the Pacer and we were wondering if it'd be too late to change it. Also we were wondering if we had to pre-register separately for the Concours D' Lemons, which is were the rally winds up at.

Also wondering if we get an email with more information with details closer to the rally as we hadn't heard anything.

Pasadena Mike

Re: Monterey Rally Questions

How's about you break all the rules (and win all the awards) and tow the Pacer with the van, enlisting help, and fixing it (which one will be 'it' is the chancy part) along the way?

Sounds like a great 2-fer to me!

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That's a good question on the Concours d'Lemons thing. We're technically ending up at a different place this year—across the street from Cd'L but within walking distance. Let me talk to Alan from Cd'L to get a ruling, so hold off on registering for it for the moment.

Also, it's not too late to change. We've had people show up with late-model daily drivers when Plan A failed. Don't sweat it, just come have a good time.

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Cool. Still waiting to hear on a crappy 76K mile ‘77 T-Bird I threw a lowball offer on the other day. It’s been parked on the street in Los Angeles since new and it shows. Plenty of elderly owner parking lot rash. All else fails we’re bringing the van.