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Topic: Need vehicle inspection help LosBanos/Merced for Woolsey Fire Victim

HELLO BELOVED LEMON FREAKS!!!!  It's been a long time since I have been on this forum. Life......

Anyway, for those that don't know whom I am, which is probably for good reason, I was an original member of The Sharks team out of Los Angeles. We built and raced our The Shark, a 1983 BMW 528e 340,000 mile junkyard turboed mass of metal from 2008 until my last race in 2014. I dearly miss the wonderful Lemons community; all the crazy, ingenious, clever, unique and insanely fun lunatics that makes up the wonderful Lemons community. Thank you to all I got to know and rubbed fenders with.

That being said, I need a little helping hand. Two days after turning 83 my father lost his entire home and possessions in the recent Woolsey Fire, unfortunately not having home owners insurance(for a couple ill-timed reasons). He had a harrowing escape from the fire, losing his '92 Camaro Z28 because it caught fire driving out of the firestorm. Thank heavens he is ok. He is one super tough 83 year old cowboy. We're in the middle of a GoFundMe campaign to purchase and surprise him with a warm, safe small used RV. The fund raiser is not why I am on here, fyi.
  I'm here because I'm in the midst of looking at a candidate RV that is located in Los Banos, CA, outside of Merced. Being that I live in Los Angeles I’m challenged to physically inspect the RV without driving almost 4 hours up and then back. So I’m putting feelers out for an RV and automotive knowledgeable Lemons citizen in the area whom would be willing to give me a quick look over of the vehicle prior to me driving all the way up and dragging a friend to possibly drive one of the vehicles back. 
  I also reached out to Lemons' HQ for trustworthy suggestions of any Lemons citizens living in the area that may be able to help out. But thought I would float it on here as well.

Please contact me.

Clay "Von Crashington"(Jay's nickname for me)  Bush

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

In case anyone is interested in my father's fire story and situation;
https://www.gofundme.com/an-rv-for-bill … campmgmt_w